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What Documents Should I Bring to a Tax Appointment?

When it’s time to file your taxes, it can be overwhelming to figure out what documents and information you need to bring to your tax appointment. Neely’s Accounting Services has been providing businesses and individuals in the Roanoke area with trusted accounting services since 2007. We’re here to take the overwhelm out of tax season. 

To help you get organized, we’ve compiled a list of the essential items to bring with you when you meet with your Roanoke CPA to file taxes.

Personal Information

Before you get into the specific tax-related documents, make sure to bring some basic personal information to your appointment. This includes your social security number, your spouse’s social security number (if filing jointly), and the social security numbers of any dependents you’re claiming. Additionally, you should bring a valid photo ID and your previous year’s tax return.

Income Documents

The most critical documents you’ll need when you file your taxes are those that show how much money you made during the most recent tax year. The type of documents you’ll need depends on what and how many income streams you have and the list can look different for everyone. Take a look at the different types of income documents and see which ones apply to you:

  • W-2s: This form shows your annual earnings from an employer.
  • 1099s: These forms show income from sources other than an employer, such as freelance work or investment income. These are common for self-employed people or freelancers.
  • Schedule K-1: If you own a business or partnership, you’ll need to bring this document.
  • Rental income: If you own rental property, bring a summary of your rental income and expenses.
  • Social Security benefits: If you received Social Security benefits, you’ll need to bring Form SSA-1099.

Deduction Documents

If you plan on itemizing your deductions, it’s important to bring documentation to support your claims. The list below outlines some of the most common deduction documents you’ll need to gather before your tax appointment:

  • Mortgage interest statement: This document shows how much interest you paid on your mortgage.
  • Property tax statements: If you own property, you’ll need to bring statements that show how much you paid in property taxes.
  • Charitable donations: Bring receipts or other proof of donations you made to charities throughout the year.
  • Medical expenses: Bring documentation of medical expenses that you paid out of pocket, including receipts and bills.
  • Student loan interest: If you paid interest on a student loan, be sure to bring Form 1098-E.

Additional Information

In addition to personal, income, and deduction documents, there are a few additional items you may need to bring to your tax appointment:

  • Bank account information: If you’re expecting a refund, bring your bank account information so it can be deposited directly into your account.
  • Estimated tax payments: If you made estimated tax payments throughout the year, bring documentation that shows how much you paid.
  • Business expenses: If you own a business, bring documentation of your business expenses.
  • Capital gains and losses: If you sold stocks or other investments, bring documentation of your capital gains and losses.
  • Alimony payments: If you paid or received alimony, bring documentation that shows how much you paid or received.

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